The Help Center

What is the turnaround time for individual tax filings?

We currently have minimal wait times. If we have all the documentation to file your return, we will have this completed in three days. If you set an appointment to do it together, we can usually have it done within 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the return.

How long should I keep my tax records for?

Six years. The IRS can audit you for any reason up to three years. If they find something suspicious, they can request an additional three years of returns.

What are your service fees?

Due to low fixed costs, we only charge time and software costs. The starting rate is $75 and we expect about 75% - 90% of people fit in that window of where we will charge $75

How do I get my tax documents to you?

I will send you a secure link where you can email documents to me. I will have a list of documents that I will need you to send to finish your return. You can also mail them to me or drop them off at the address below.